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Cardio is for Bros Too???

March 20, 2013


Everyone knows there are certain things in life that are so-not-bro. Whether it be a shirt with sleeves or some dude at the gym curling in the squat rack, far too often we encounter these so-not-bro moments in life. However, without a doubt, every bro can agree that cardio is the pinnacle of something so-not-bro. Up until recently, I thought walking from my car too the gym was considered cardio. In reality, cardio is an essential asset to your “get shredded in one month workout routine” and understanding the best time to perform it can mean the difference between your 1-pack or 2-pack set of abs.

cardio 1

On a more serious notes bro’s and broddette’s, one of the most common questions I used to receive from clients, friends and family is “When is the best time to perform cardio; before or after weightlifting?” Some may argue that it is best to have two workout sessions in a day, one dedicated to cardio and the other to weightlifting. However, let’s be realistic, everyone has a life to live and may not have the time to go to the gym twice a day. Having said this, in my opinion the best time to perform cardio is directly after a workout. In human nutrition carbohydrates are used as a source of energy, which is called glycogen. Our bodies use this source of energy to perform and function throughout the day. If glycogen is our bodies primary source of energy then it is fair to say an intense cardio session or weightlifting session will greatly deplete glycogen stores.  It makes more sense to preserve your bodies’ stored energy for a challenging weightlifting routine. If you do cardio before resistance training you will fatigue your muscles, in turn, this will hinder your results and potential while lifting weights because of the lack of energy. Furthermore, by depleting your energy source before weightlifting you also pose a risk of injury. Performing anything with a low amount of energy poses a risk so why not do everything possible and take preventative measures, progressing as safely as possible should always be your goal in the gym.

Cardio 2

Lastly, if your overall fitness goal is to lose body fat then post workout cardio will be very beneficial for you. As mentioned earlier weight training depletes glycogen, since your primary fuel source is now gone your body will be more likely to release fat to be used as energy during cardiovascular exercise.


So, next time you’re at the gym and you realize spring break is next week or you’re going to the beach with some of your bro’s and broddette’s be sure to remember if you’re going to do cardio, save it for after your weight lifting.  You’ll be much happier with the results and hopefully a little more shredded for that special upcoming event.


Stay Shredded,


Team Brotein



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