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Protein Supplementation: To Fear or Not to Fear?

March 6, 2013

Bros love protein.

Whether it’s to chase down your shots, bust out during class, or throw it in a bag on your way to work because you skipped a meal, added protein is going to be included somewhere in a bro’s diet. It’s a sure way to let everyone around you know that you live an active life style and mere human food cannot support your daily protein needs. However, anti-bro mainstream media has spent more time researching the downfall of protein supplementation rather than the benefits, inadvertently providing the public with faulty research and inaccurate findings. For some reason, a negative stigma has been placed on those who use protein bars and powders, leading the general public to feel only bodybuilders and gym rats need extra protein in their diet.


Here at Brotein, we don’t think that protein is only reserved for bodybuilders and workout fiends, we believe that it should be for everyone who looks to lead a healthy, active lifestyle (and no ladies it won’t make you bulky).  For any guy or girl trying to gain muscle or lose fat, protein is a staple supplement necessary to achieve success in the gym. Protein helps build quality lean muscle and, (in our opinion) lean muscle is the foundation to developing an amazing physique! If you are participating in regular exercise, then it is a known fact that you are burning calories and breaking down muscle so it only makes sense that you would need extra protein to help replenish your body’s nutrients.



Proteins are essential to numerous functions in your body. Protein promotes cell signaling, support of the immune system, and even functions of the metabolism. Your body turns protein into amino acids through digestion and distributes those amino acids as needed throughout your body.  If you are lacking these amino acids as a result of inadequate protein intake, then muscle protein synthesis will suffer. Basically, your body can’t handle the stress caused by your workout regimens, the lack of protein makes it hard for your body to repair itself and this in turn causes you to stagger in the gym and potentially even become sick or get hurt easier. Now many will argue that one should always strive to get their daily protein intake from all natural sources. Although I agree, I also know that sometimes it is not a feasible option depending on your day to day schedule. Having that said, protein supplementation has a place in every active person’s life. Whether you’re a bro on the go or newbie at the gym – never neglect that protein!


Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on where you can get good protein sources from in your diet!

Stay Jacked Bros,



One Comment
  1. Highly energetic article, I enjoyed that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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