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BROFILE: Dan Szczesny

February 27, 2013

We’ve decided to include a segment of posts called the “Brofile”, where we write about our fellow Brotein members so you can learn a little bit more about us. After all, we’re just normal bros like you guys. Enjoy.


Dan is the resident Bro of Team Brotein. He surprisingly navigated his undergraduate term at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Brobana in only 4 years while also fratting it up as a member of Beta Theta Pi. After graduation he aced the LSAT like a true bro & then moved to Washington D.C. to pursue opportunities in the office of Senator Mark Kirk, & later Senator Marco Rubio. He’s also been known to dabble with some fitness modeling (Eat Brotein & you could too).

Now, he’s on his way back to Chicago to pursue the post college bro-lifestyle full time, & spread the wonder of Brotein to the entire world.

But, when he isn’t championing the benefits of Brotein you can find him moving hundreds of pounds of weight at the gym, “straight LeBronin’ dudes” on the basketball court (he said it, we didn’t), or hanging out with his puppy Leonidas (there is nothing unmanly about Dan, including the name of his dog).

To describe Dan in a few pictures:


Dan3 Dan33

Dan4 Dan44

Be on the lookout for our introductions to the rest of the BroTeam in posts later this week!



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