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February 25, 2013

‘Would you rather…?’ is a game that always starts out so innocently. Usually, on a long road trip with friends, someone gets bored and starts asking questions about choosing between two embarrassing public atrocities, you choose, everyone laughs, the end.

However, when you’re in a car full of bros who want to test the boundaries of the unthinkable, it will always take a turn for the worst.

Things we’ve learned from playing Would You Rather with Bros:

  1. Some guys will do almost anything to get with Meagan Fox. Some of it’s a little disturbing and can never be repeated outside of this circle.
  2. Everyone always picks Jennifer Aniston with some weird deformity over Roseanne.
  3. Farting uncontrollably from any orifice of the body is just not a problem for some, so no point in using that one.
  4. The worst ones always include your parents

We thought we’d come up with some Would you rather…?’ about things that piss us off at the gym. You can share these with friends (Or go up to someone in the locker room and whisper them into a stranger’s ear. Try it and let us know what happens):

WOULD YOU RATHER… find someone curling in the squat rack for 30 min straight on leg day or go into a gym and find that the dumbbells only go up to 70lbs (yeah we’re talking about you, Planet Fitness)


WOULD YOU RATHER… forget to wear a tank on shoulder and arm day or wait for a bench to clear when clearly the guy using it doesn’t even lift


 WOULD YOU RATHER… get explosive diarrhea while on the squat machine (we’ve actually seen this one happen in real life) or have to buy hemorrhoid cream after leg day.


 (We do realized that the person that created this meme misspelled the word ‘first’ but we what we can’t figure out is whether or not they did it purposefully. Oh well. For the record, we do not squat for the ‘fist time’ here at Brotein.)

These are just a few things that get us really annoyed when we’re getting our pump on. We’d love to hear about any other workout pet peeves you guys have when you go to the gym, maybe we’ll feature them in a part 2 because we all know there’s more to come.

Stay Jacked Bros,






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