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Workout 101: Bro Don’ts

February 20, 2013

Hey Bros,

As we all know, the staple characteristic of any bro is the constant need to hit the gym. Nothing complements that spring break tank like a pair of pythons and skin tearing vascularity. As all bros know it’s pretty hard to step foot in a gym and avoid people mirin at your aesthetics. But sometimes that mirin you receive is for the wrong reasons. The bros at Brotein want to save you the embarrassment of having someone come up to you in the gym and legitimately ask “ Do you even lift bro?”

Having that said, we want to show you two of the biggest exercise mistakes that we see at the sanctuary of iron. If you are a perpetrator of these lifting mistakes it’s not too late to stop but keep it up and we can guarantee your bro card will be revoked.

Let’s start with the infamous behind the neck lat pull-down. I have no idea how this became so popular but you can guarantee every time you step foot in a gym you’re bound to see this exercise performed.  Supposedly this exercise is meant to train your lats and upper back, however this exercise forces your shoulders into an unnatural position that can cause pinching in the shoulder joint that will eventually damage your rotator cuff. For those of you that are unfamiliar with shoulder injuries this exercise is sure way to get you diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome. Basically bros, if you’re still doing this lift, ditch it ASAP!

Next on our list is bench press. Now by no means am I saying to stay away from the bench press because I know firsthand the mental pump you get from knowing Chest day is approaching, this is the ultimate bro day at the gym.  What I am suggesting is to avoid the extremely common mistake of flaring your elbows out as you perform the exercise. For some reason, people think that flaring out your elbows isolates your chest more, that’s debatable but what isn’t debatable is the risk you create for injury by having improper form on the bench press. By flaring your elbows you narrow the distance between your arm bone and your shoulder blade, this movement is a recipe for disaster. With elbows flared out you over work your deltoids and create an imbalance in the rear deltoids. Instead of flaring you elbows out tuck them in at a 45-60 degree angle, it may feel weird at first but at least you aren’t going to need rotator cuff surgery after a couple of years in the gym…..which is so not bro.


We’re trying to save you from a potential injury which could put you out for the entire summer season; then imagine what your arms would look like in that tank.

You’re welcome.

Joking aside, we all make these mistakes and eventually have had someone tell us that we were doing it wrong. I have a personal training certification, so I didn’t just pull this info off the internet and paste it into here. I’ve had friends really injure themselves and don’t want to see that happen to any other bros out there.

Stay Jacked Bros,



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  1. Teri Jo permalink

    I’m not “bro” but it’s good to have your good advice. I’ve actually had guys tell me I was doing my lat pull-downs wrong when I was pulling the bar down in front to my chest. I have had so many people offer advice on this it made me wonder.

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