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Brotein’s List of Fortunate Events

February 15, 2013


Lots of things have changed since we’ve last blogged in August. The world is now a new place full of wonder and amazement. Also, we feel really bad for not having post so we wanted to make a list of everything awesome that happened so that we’re all caught up with each other.

Here are 13 really important, life-changing events that have happened since we last spoke to you guys in the unlikely instance that this was your only news source (which, in that case, you might want to start following CNN on Twitter):

1. The Mayans screwed up and we’re all still here. We also partied like it was 1999 (mostly because in 1999 we were only 12)

2. Twinkies are now selling for $900.

3. Redbull can give you wings…but should not be mixed with your vodka


4. Kate Upton is on the cover of another S.I issue. (we thought the bathing suit couldn’t get any smaller, but we were so thankfully wrong)

5. A show about the consequences of childhood obesity called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child” became a drinking game (Drinking every time someone passed gas is a sure way to get wasted for the night.)


6. Bar Rafaeli made out with a really awkward guy with rosacea for

7. Gangnum Style has the most views of any Youtube video ever (adults we know have learned the dance and now perform it at family functions. There are videos out there with proof of this)

8. Kimye is a thing (yeah, we’re embarrassed for writing it too)


9. Manti Te’o made up a girlfriend online and then killed her off.

10. The Ravens won the Superbowl (but more importantly, Destiny’s Child reunited)

11. The iPhone 5 came out and it’s basically just a thinner version of the phone you bought last year.

12. We went to an expo in Florida where we met some pretty awesome people, but also lots of hot babes in bathing suits. (thank you for not disappointing us Florida)

13. LASTLY: BROTEIN re-launched in November!

We’re super excited to have launched our new products and gotten such awesome feedback from so many people. We have a lot in store for the upcoming months and can’t wait to share it with you guys through our blog, so stay tuned!

Stay Jacked Bros,



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