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Summer is Just Around the Corner Bros

April 6, 2012

It’s your favorite time of the year again. The time when you can show off your hard work at the gym and impress the ladies. There’s only two more months until great weather, pool parties, and girls in bikinis come rolling around. Did we say girls in bikinis? So here’s what you’ll need.

A diet low in on the Glycemic Index scale with a strength training program. They say diet is 70% of your success. We like to say Brotein is 100% essential. Think about it. A diet low in G.I. scale is like an train engine furnace with the right amount of wood being thrown in. The engine, like your metabolism stays on track with the fat burning zone. Too little input and the engine (metabolism) slows down and too much input puts the fire out. And bam, you gain fat. 

Sugar is the number 1 enemy in losing fat. Eating sugar filled foods makes you crash and makes your body inefficient in burning fat. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for the next 2 months before summer. Take out the sugar in your diet and see dramatic results in your workouts how you feel. And make sure to pick up some Brotein Bars at your nearest California Family Fitness Gyms or order them online at

You’re Welcome. 



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  1. cjdaking permalink

    Bros! I 8 ur barz n feel gr8. Now I got mad nrg to beat down all the h8rs! THx!

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